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YMCA Y Knot Guestbook

The Y Knot Tri guestbook is now closed. Thank you to all for your encouraging feedback!

Matthew Fair ( August 2, 2008
Good luck to Vicki, Natalie, Jenna, and all of the participants of the Y Knot Tri.
Susanne Robinson ( August 5, 2008
That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Pull as a team to complete your goal even if mother nature is sometimes not very nice.
adam August 5, 2008
good luck to all! travel safe and we'll see you in ottawa!!
Amanda C ( August 5, 2008
WOOO!!!! GO FERN!!!! And all his team members!!! I Heard that your going from Brockville to Ottawa, thats insane! GOOD LUCK!!!
melanieashleighh (N/A) August 5, 2008
GOO FERNANDO GOO! YOUU CAN DOO ITTTT! good luck with your walk its an amazing cause your all an insperation to many and definatly well apperacated for this =]
steph luv ( August 5, 2008
GO FERNI... U GO MAN. kick sum ass.
Rikiiiiiiii August 5, 2008
Woooo. Gooooo Ferni XD Yeee =]
Jenn August 7, 2008
hey! good luck to everyone participating :) here you go fern "Go Fern you're amazing" sheesh someone wants an ego boost lol haha but really GOOD LUCKK EVERYONE!!
Kellie Byrne ( August 14, 2008
Congratulations on a job well done to everyone involved in the Y Knot Program! I was so glad to hear all about it in the Ottawa Citizen! As a former ES employee, I'm missing all of you in Kingston!!! Jenna and are my heroes! Thank you to all of you for inspiring us everyday.
elaine ( January 25, 2009
I am not a swimmer so I have never heard about Vicki Keith. However, I read about her in our Kelowna paper and I am amazed, awestruck by her indomitable courage. I work for, , a local company that creates and publishes individual, hard covered, professional books. Please look at our website, Vicki needs to have a book to commemorate and celebrate her great achievements. It would be a legacy book!
Kristi McLean ( February 16, 2009
We think you're program sounds amazing, giving these children the opportunity to learn to swim and more importantly having fun and making friends! We recently received an e-mail from Easter Seals out here in B.C. and you're going to start a Y Knot Abilities Program in Kelowna B.C. That's wonderful but was wondering if you would ever be starting one in Kamloops B.C. We have a YMCA here with a pool which we take our special need son there a lot!! Wondering if you would ever consider starting the program here as travelling to Kelowna would be to far for a lot of the families here? It would be a very welcomed program as I personally know a lot of parents in a simular situation with special needs children that would definately partake in this program! I have been trying to get our son into a swimming program but there nothing available to him here and other kids with disabilites. Thank-you for taking the time to read my message and look very forward to hearing from you. I know you probably couldn't start one right away but maybe in the future it would be something to look at as Kamloops is a very big community with a lot of special needs children. Thanks again for you're time!! Yours sincerely Kristi McLean
Rene Hart ( April 14, 2009
Go peuguins Go I wanted to say thank you to you all for making be glad to be part of this team. For the 2 years I have been on that team I felt I was a new person thanks to you all. But even though i am not on the team any more I will always remeber the good times we had. you guys did very well on the Tri. I am so proud of you guys Well Done !
Donna Bartman ( July 5, 2010
Great programs! Looking to implement within our YMCA!