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Have Vicki Speak

Vicki Keith was described as an unlikely athlete, not apt to succeed in any sport. In school she was last to be picked for teams. No matter how this made her feel, she refused to accept the negative comments made about her abilities.

Vicki’s story is unique. She takes you on the journey which led her to the top of the marathon swimming world, where she became an internationally known sports figure. Time and time again, Vicki succeeded in accomplishing what experts deemed impossible.

How does an unlikely athlete become a world class athlete?

There is no magic.

Like the majority of people, Vicki is an ordinary person. What she has accomplished is extraordinary.

Vicki has enriched the lives of thousands of people by sharing with them her keys to success. She understands the secret of achieving dreams, and she will show you how to make achieving your dreams a part of your daily practical agenda. There is no magic or complicated theories. Her message is clear and simple. From the classroom to the boardroom anyone can use Vicki’s techniques.

Her stories of hallucinations, exhaustion, sharks and jelly fish will leave you in awe. They will also help you to understand that with a positive attitude and sheer determination, your dreams can become reality. After listening to Vicki speak, each of you will understand what you need to do to reach your own dreams.

Quotes about Vicki and her speaking presentations.

“It was an honour to hear this remarkable Canadian woman and hero speak at our convention. She truly is a national treasure and I hope that we can invite her back again.”
Allan McKeown
Ontario Society of Medical Technologists

“Vicki is living proof that anything is possible if you want it badly enough… The response to her presentation was great – positive and excited. Hopefully, we will all hold that thought and following her example, find the strength to ‘swim the lakes’ we face each day in our business lives.”
Nancy Gill
Bell Canada

“Her humanitarian– based accomplishments, combined with her captivating speaking abilities, made Keith Munro an inspiration to the people taking part in the club’s Awards Banquet.”
Scott Phipps
The Uxbridge Tribune

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