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Natalie Lambert's Guestbook

Natalie Lamberts's guestbook is now closed. Thank you to all for your encouraging feedback!

Vicki Keith July 31, 2007
Hey Natalie, I wanted to be the first person to write in your guest book, to tell you how proud I am of you. You are ready for this Lake Ontario swim, and I know that you will be successful. You are an amazing young athlete and I am very proud of you!! Keep up all the hard work. You have a huge heart, and I know that people from across Canada and beyond, will be looking up to you not only because of your athletic abilities, but also because of your desire to make a positive difference in your world. Thanks for choosing the Y Knot Abilities Programs to support through your swim. These children's lives will be better because of your unselfish support. Congratulations Natalie. You are ready!!!
Eva Hogan ( July 31, 2007
Hi Bulldog; Shred up the lake for us will ya!!!! I wish all the best and of course...... GET R DONE! luv ya, Eva aka. Goddess
Chandra Ethier July 31, 2007
Wishing you all the best in your upcoming event. You make us all proud with your warm heart and motivation.
Zoe Jameson ( July 31, 2007
Go Natalie Go! The Durham Family YMCA is proud to be apart of the Y Knot Abilities Programs and will be supporting you all the way! You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for making a difference!
Joanne Smith ( July 31, 2007
Way to go Natalie!!! You Lambert's truely are amazing! I'll be watching and rooting for you all the way!
Lori and Doug Williams July 31, 2007
Hey Natalie - we are all so proud of you as well as thankfull that you choose to take on this challenge that will only serve to help all families like ours both here in Kingston and elsewhere. Your swim will serve to raise money and spread the word out there. Thank you for that. We will be right there with you in our prayers and on the shore lines. Lori and Doug
Sara Williams July 31, 2007
hey nat, I'm so excited for you and your swim, and I know you're all gonna do us proud. :) I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow for your trial swim, so good luck! and what a lovely birthday present it is, eh? ;) good luck with everything, I know you'll do well!
Diana Deakin-Thomas ( July 31, 2007
Natalie - We are so excited for you and know you are going to go the distance - and then exit the water with that great smile on your face! Graham and I wish we were able to join you on your journey and hope to be there when you land. You are such an inspiration - Vicki and John told me about your 9km butterfly swim - awesome! Have fun doing your upcoming night swim and see you on the shore on the 8th. Happy Birthday too! Diana & Graham - Heart of Gold
Brian Hicks ( July 31, 2007
Go Natalie Go! From all of your supporters at the Rotary Club of Toronto West!
Glenn Crawford ( July 31, 2007
You go girl. We are so proud of you and your energetic efford to cross the lake. You have a big heart and a kind soul. As a member of the Rotary Club of Mississauga Meadowvale we are cheerfully supporting Y-KNOT at Mississauga's Central location. I speak for all my club members and say - God speed and good luck.
Meaghan Hartwell ( August 1, 2007
Hey Natalie, I'm so proud of what you are doing! I also feel lucky to have watch you and your team from the pool deck this year and I look forward to seeing all of you when I'm back at school in the fall! Best wishes for the big day, I know you will be amazing! And Happy Birthday! Take care!
Donna McTaggart August 1, 2007
"no matter what their age or ability, that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself" An inspiring message Natalie, as well as Kingston being proud of you, you should be very proud of yourself !! Best of Luck
Dear Natalie: On behalf of all of the staff and employees at our Kingston office,Best Wishes today for your qualifying swim and a Happy 14th Birthday. Glenn E. Warner, President
Dawn Lloyd ( August 1, 2007
Happy Birthday Natalie!! Good luck with your trial swim. We'll be cheering loud and clear for you on the 7th. We are all very proud of you, you are a amazing person!
Meagan Lloyd (squirt_dude101 August 1, 2007
Happy Birthday Natalie hope everything goes well with your trial swim and good luck. We will all be with you through out your journey Go Bulldog!!!!!
Leslie Bellemare ( August 1, 2007
Happy 14th Birthday Natalie Listen carefully as you swim because you will hear thousands of voices screaming "Go Natalie Go" as you soar on wings like eagles over the water so your toes won't touch any of that nasty seaweed. Harry and I will be with you in spirit and we will see you at the end of your successful swim that will raise a record amount of donations for the Y Knot Abilities Programs. A Shower of Blessings. Leslie
Teri August 1, 2007
Natalie; I do not need to wish you "luck." I know all the hard work you have put into your training, your strength of character and bulldogged determination are what will allow you to go the distance on your marathon and in your life. You are one who makes a difference in the lives of those with whom you come into contact, mine included. Your selfless generosity of spirit convinces me you will succeed in your swim and with your charitable fund-raising. Have an orangelicious 14th birthday. Go Nat!
Leanne Morton ( August 1, 2007
Natalie you are truly an inspiration to all young adults (not to mention us older adults as well). Thank you! The YMCA will be cheering for you all the way.
Dave & TELUS Cataraqui Crew ( August 1, 2007
Hi Natalie; We are pulling for you and we will be cheering for you in your journey. I know you are a very strong willed girl with a great coach and team behind you. We will be watching the website for updates during your travels. You are very brave, and are an inspiration for everyone..... Most importantly......have fun and keep that big smile on your face :)
Pamela Gignac ( August 1, 2007
Natalie, I'm so proud of you and honoured to say that I have met you and Jenna. You are an amazing person to support your sister and others in this way. I know your passion and drive will help you through this. Take care and Good Luck! Pam
Dee Dee ( August 1, 2007
All the best as you face this challenge head is amazing how someone so young can inspire so many.
Connie ( August 1, 2007
Natalie, You are a great inspiration for all of us. You have worked very hard and I know that you will be successful in all you do. We are all cheering you on. Best of Luck.
Lynn & Gord Miller ( August 1, 2007
We send you our strength and best wishes in your upcoming swim. We know you will do well. You have a great team in your family anf friends. All the best, GO KICK LAKE ONTARIO BUTT.
Liz ( August 1, 2007
WAY TO GO NATALIE! Best of luck on your jounrey! Thank you for being an inspiration to all! The Mississauga YMCA is cheering you on!
Angie Mendieta ( August 1, 2007
Go Natalie go! You're definitely ready to take on this challenge!
Pat Ronan August 1, 2007
Natalie, you are an inspiration to us all here at the Kingston Y. Good luck with your swim next week....and Happy 14th Birthday!
Carole Felix ( August 1, 2007
Nathalie, Well done on the trail swim! Wishing you calm waters and a remarkable journey that will stay with you for a lifetime. Know that we are all cheering loudly for you at every stroke. GO NATALIE GO! Oh ya....Happy Birthday!!!!
Gary & Lynda Bissonette ( August 1, 2007
Congratulations Natalie on completing your trial swim today. Best of luck next week. We hope the weather cooperates and that all goes well. We are thinking of you.
Angela ( August 2, 2007
Stay strong and swim long!
Tina Diamond ( August 2, 2007
"You can do anything if you have enthusiasm!" The Bowmanville-Newcastle OEYC and childcare are cheering for you all the way! Enjoy have fun!
Mom August 2, 2007
Well Our Dear Little Natalie, Your 14th birthday was definately one to remember!! Excellent job on your trial swim and then your night swim. You are incredible!! You and I were just saying this morning that who would have ever thought the Lambert girls would be swimming marathons for a hobby!! I figure, "what better could you be doing??' It has been such a privilege to be a part of John's, then Vicki's, then Jenna's and now your 'Swim the distance to make a difference' marathon. I can hardly express how proud I am of you!! You have diligently trained for this marathon and we all know how much you love to swim. You have always given 100% to the goals you have chosen. Remember that God will give you strength, peace and wisdom when you need it. I will be praying for you from the minute your toes enter the lake...until they touch dry sand on the other side!! You have been blesssed with such a wonderful support crew, both those who will travel this exiting journey with you and those who will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Enjoy every minute of your 'dream'... Loads of Love, Mom
Jenna Dale August 2, 2007
Natalie, I just have to say I wish you the best of luck on your swim! Not that you'll need it, you'll do it amazingly anyway, I'm sure! (and Happy birthday, by the way!)
Fern-Dawg ( August 3, 2007
Happy Belated Birthday....haha....I know, I'm late, yet again. lol. Anyway Nat, I'll be with you all the way in spirit. I know you will do it cuz I mean, c'mon, your bulldogg, what can't you do. You got one of the most ginuwine hearts I have seen and your determination knows no boundaires. You will easily conquer the lake and achieve your goal that you set out to face and make everyone proud of you. Your a very intelligent have your moments....BUT.....that's what makes you who you are. I for one, can say for sure that I'm glad that I have the honor of knowing you, and calling you a "lil sister".........No need for good luck...I'll just say, see you when you finish the swim. Lots of Love Nat... PS. Finish quickly so I can go back to bugging ya
Brian & Terry , The friday Morning Show ( August 3, 2007
Natalie, On behalf of everyone here at CJAI, Amherst Island Public Radio, we would like to wish you the very best for your upcoming swim. We know you will have a great swim and will keep track of the swim via the internet. Most importantly have fun!! Your friends, Brian Little & Terry Culbert The Friday Morning Show C.J.A.I. Amherst Island Public Radio
Ralph Sonley ( August 3, 2007
Hi Natalie, Just heard your interview on the Oshawa radio station and read your bio, best wishes for a safe and successful swim of Lake Ontario in support of a great charity. Ralph
Jeff Hannah ( August 3, 2007
Hey Natalie, Congratulations on the completion of your trial swim and Happy Birthday on Wednesday. I am looking forward to your swim as I know that it will be a success! You have trained very hard and are ready to meet the challenges ahead. You will do great, your determination and spirit are two of the keys to success! I look forward to congratulating you when you get across! Happy swimming!!!
Andrea McHattie ( August 3, 2007
Natalie: Just wanted to wish you all the very very best of luck on your big swim next week. You Lambert gals are nothing short of COMPLETELY AMAZING (not to mention inspiring!) and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that you will be successful in all you do! Take Care and all the very very best!
The Hogan Family August 3, 2007
Hi Natalie; We wish you all the best for your swim. We know without a doubt you are more than ready. We are so proud of all your accomplishments and honoured to know you and your family. Thank you for bringing something positive into the world! In true Hogan fashion we will be cheering you on LOUDLY! GO NAT GO!! In our thoughts and prayers.... Love Lorie, Don & Eva
Emily Williams August 3, 2007
Hi Natalie, good luck on your swim. I can't wait to see you off in Niagara and we'll be waiting on the other side! Michael wishes he could be there but he will be cherring from camp Merrywood. You are a great team mate and we're all really proud of you. GO PENGUINS! Love Emily
Kim Fawcett & Curtis Smith ( August 3, 2007
Natalie, We are both so proud of you for embracing and meeting this challenge head on. It takes courage of conviction and true belief in your ability (as well as your coach) to undertake such a task. You will be successful, and you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment that will last forever. We look forward to seeing you at the finish line. Cheers.
JO LEE MANSELL ( August 3, 2007
THIS IS UTTERLY EXCITING!!!! You CAN do it, Natalie! No matter what ... be as calm as an unwavering candle and when moments become a pinch more challenging: think of the sky and the universe within it and, let your mind send love and more love 'to this image' ~ xx Jo Lee ...
Jenn ( August 4, 2007
Natalie, Just want you to know you are in my prayers from Wesley Acres!! You are going to do an amazing job! Here's rooting to you kid!
mary kate jackson ( August 4, 2007! i've been following your story, and i'm so impressed! i was just at mwc, and nate was there, too, and we were talking about how fabulous you and jenna(and your parents) are. i've told my students about jenna's swim, and now i'll tell them about yours, too -- you are such an excellent role model for so many kids. good luck! mk
Jim, Janice & Jonathan English ( August 4, 2007
Dear Natalie, We will be with you in spirit as you strive to reach your goal of swimming across Lake Ontario You are a true inspiration & we wish we could be with you in person to cheer you on. We know your faith, family & determination will sustain you through any curve balls that Lake Ontario will throw at you. You have been blessed with fantastic role models. Our thoughts & prayers will be with you as we eagerly anticipate your arrival home & celebratory party. People near & far will be positively affected, touched & motivated by your dedication of this dream to help others. Go Nat Go. Enjoy this incredible challenge. Love Jim, Janice & Jonathan English
Donna Marie ( August 4, 2007
Dear Natalie Way to go girl! I'll certainly be praying for you as you swim your marathon. Prayers for calm waters, strength and peace as you complete your swim. I know you can do it. Many children will benefit from your desire to help. God Bless You and all that are with you throughout your swim. Love and Hugs
Robin Schock ( August 4, 2007
Natalie; I was so excited to read of your swim and proud to see the Penguins getting such awesome press again! You go for it! I have no doubts you will make it with such amazing supports beside you. Raising awareness about the Y Knot programs across Ontario is such a worthwhile adventure. Crush that lake! I will be eargerly waiting to read of your progress. Another Lambert in the news!
Jayme ( August 4, 2007
Hey natalie my darling! i miss you so much! i've been keeping tabs on you through the newspaper..haha. and i've also been sending them to jennie's email, cuz she's in BC right now, so if she checks her email she can know what's going on with you! Anyways, i wish you all the best lucky in your marathon, i'm sure you'll do absolutely wonderful! Love you, can't wait to see you! we should do a movie sometime!:) -jayme
Debbie & Jim McBride ( August 5, 2007
Hey Natalie. Just want to wish you all the best for a smooth and safe swim.
Livvy August 5, 2007
hey Nat, I'm so excited for your swim. i know you can do it and even though it doesn't look like i can be there myself i'll definitely be praying for you and following your progress all the way! lots of love & prayers!!
Erin ( August 5, 2007
Natalie! I was just looking back at old camp photos and saw one of your when you were so small...but there is something the same about your eyes...even as a very young girl they were full of hope, determination and enthusiasm. I am so proud of you for doing this swim and I wish I could be there to see you complete it but I will be there in spirit and tracking your progress over the internet and radio stations. You are an amazing person who always puts 110% percent into everything you do. Wishing you calm waters and a swim free of seaweed. You are a positive role model for so many and making positive change in our world one stroke at a time! GO NATALIE GO! - Erin
Bryan Finlay ( August 5, 2007
Hi Natalie, Great 18 km training swim, and pleased to hear that you have been working with Vicki on your night swims. You're well prepared. Looking forward to adding your name to our Solo Swims lists for Lakes Ontario and Erie.
Margi McKay ( August 6, 2007
Hi Natalie, We wish we could be down at the other end of the lake this week to cheer you on in person. Instead, please know that we are with you in spirit all the way. You and your family are wonderful examples for all of us, and we are so proud of you. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance. We wish you all the luck in the world and will be keeping a close watch on your progress as you swim the distance. love from the McKays
Master of Disaster A.K.A. Jonathan English ( August 6, 2007
Hey there bulldog. Well here it is Monday morning and your hard work and dedication are about to pay off. I hope the weather cooperates for you and you have a great time. Please whatever happens don't let coach sing again. We all heard stories about those. So what are your colours? I mean you know I have a crazy hat for just about every colour. I think you would pick neon orange so it's all good. I got a hat that colour and I'll wear it the whole time. Well I'd wish you luck but I know you don't need it. MOD. Eat, sleep, laugh and be crazy
Maurice & Linda Leroux ( August 6, 2007
Natalie: We have known you all your life, and long appreciated the conscientious, courageous commitment you have always given to your tasks. We pray for favourable conditions and strength as you cross the lake. It is a formidable challenge, and we believe you will succeed. Ron, Christine, Jenna, Bevan and Bernice, and extended loving family - we share in your pride, joy and concerns, and pray for you also in this incredible feat. Natalie - you are going to do it!
Mike Reid ( August 6, 2007
Hey Natalie, although I don't know you very well, I know that's about to change this week. I think (like Vicki, John, and Jenna before you) what you are doing is amazing. I really look forward to being on the boat with the crew and letting all of our BOB FM and FLY FM listeners about your journey...stroke by stroke! Good luck! Mike Reid
Jer ( August 6, 2007
Hey Nat great trial swim you will do great in your Lake Ontario swim see you at the end I will be thinking of yah well I am training all the best. Jer
The Woods Family August 6, 2007
Swim hard! Go, Nat, Go! From, Kate We are cheering you on! You are an inspiration to us all, Natalie. Our prayers and best wishes are with you. Good luck! Chris, Ed, Kate and Zac
Colleen White (sir.freddy at August 7, 2007
Hey there Natalie.. Good luck on your quest.. Ill be listening to the radio to see how you are doing.. all the best Colleen
Harrowsmith Horse Country ( August 7, 2007
Natalie, We'll all be wishing you luck during your swim! You are a very brave girl! Heather
The Heyman's ( August 7, 2007
Hey Nat, We just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how proud we are of you. We can't wait to track you on your swim. Remember that you can do "all things" through Him who strengthens you! With Love and Prayers, Jessie, Karley, Ben, Brad and Tanya P.S. "Just keep Swimmin'" - from Jess :)
Rhonda Wyse Niagara-on-the-Lake ( August 7, 2007
You're an inspiration, not only to the young but to the young at heart. Live your dreams, one only fails if they do not try. If coach Vicki says you're are ready. Dig, dig, dig. Good luck Miss Natalie
Rick,Heather &Alison Walker ( August 7, 2007
Best wishes and prayers from the Cobalt connection to the "mermaids" family. Go get'em Natalie.
Shelly Per y ( August 7, 2007
Hey Nattie, YOU GO GIRL!!!!! We are so proud of you and your big adventure. Paige has been reminding us to watch the TV and listen to the Radio for your updates. She is soo excited to know someone famous. We are behind you and are keeping you in our thoughts throught this awesome journey of yours. Keep Safe!!! We love you!!!
The Myers Gang ( August 7, 2007
Hi Nat You've got big shoes to fill as you follow in "Sissy's" footsteps but we know you can do it! We already know pengins can fly and we know when you are "Swimming The Difference" you will be reinforcing this for all of us. God Speed! Love Shaun, Shannon, Tyson, Braydan and Brett
Elwin van Alst ( August 7, 2007
Hey Nat! We wish you the best of luck on your swim! We are very exited for you and thankful that there is someone out there like you who will push your mind, body and soul to the limit to benefit others! We will see you soon! Best of luck. God Bless! van Alst Family
Donna Marie ( August 7, 2007
Just another quick note to tell you that you and Jenna have been such an inspiration to an old lady like myself. I know that with God anything is possible but sometimes it takes the faith of the young to remind us of that. I am encouraged to press on and not let osteoarthritis take away my dream of swimming. Still maybe the Lake at 50, now only 3 years to get ready! Will be watching and listening for updates. Praying for you, Jenna, Mom, Dad, Vicki, John, and the rest of the crew. Hugs DMarie
Gerry ( August 8, 2007
You are an inspiration to your peers. You will be remembered for this epic swim and the money raised for the Y Knot programs.
Kim and Colin Tolls ( August 8, 2007
Hi Nat, Well your on your way. Ray phoned me just as you were getting in the water. Colin and his friend Morgan were yelling Go Nat Go from our pool with everyone across Kingston! We're cheering for you and praying for you that you will accomplish this dream, one of many I'm sure. I'm looking for a way to get your Grandparents, myself and Colin to Toronto for the finish. I wish I wasn't such a chicken about driving in Toronto! Uncle Brian and Ray are leading the way in the sail boat and Victoria is by your side in the kayak. You are surrounded by love. God speed. love Aunt Kim and Colin XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Barb Fraser-Stiff August 8, 2007
Natalie - you are an incredible young woman and role model! I have no doubt that your faith, determination and "never give up" attitude will take you across the lake. Please know that the staff, students and community at Loughborough Public School are behind you every stroke of the way. We are intensely proud of you and your incredible efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. Our thoughts are with you. Best wishes.
Cindy Johnson ( August 8, 2007
Natalie, Our whole family just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you. You girls are truly AMAZING...You are in the water as I am typing this and I just want to let you know we are listening for your progress every step of the way. Keep going girl you can do it...And as I read all about you I just have to say bring out the BULLDOG in you Natalie...Let that lake know whos boss missy. Love you and Keep on Smilin :) xoxoxoxxo
Donna Davies ( August 8, 2007
All the best Natalie. You can do this! We're following your swim every stroke of the way. You and Jenna are truly an inspiration to us all.
The Pincivero Family ( August 8, 2007
Good Luck Natalie. We are following your swim. Our girls met you when you visited Collins Bay Public School and you really inspired them. All the best. Erin, Tom, Shannon and Mia Pincivero
Sheldon, Josey, Olivia, Zoe, Simon and Clare ( August 8, 2007
Hey Natalie, The Cook's wanted to say hello and let you know that we are and will continue to think about you during your excellent adventure. You truly are amazing and quite an inspiration to all of us. We wish you well and look forward to following your progress. All the best.
Marilyn Murton ( August 8, 2007
Hi Natalie, Tessa and I have been praying for you all day. You are a most exceptional young lady and it has been a joy to watch you mature. You are a very special person. We will keep you close in our thoughts and prayers as you swim this big lake. Love Marilyn & Tessa and our families.
Gary & Lynda Bissonette ( August 8, 2007
Natalie 13 kilometers into the swim and looking great. A real tribute to you and your family. Hope the weather holds and you bring it home in style.
Lori Williams ( August 8, 2007
Natalie - what a beautiful morning to start a marathon swim. With pride, we watched you dive into that water and start that nice easy stroke that will take you to the other side. Your crew was in good spirits and so eager to help you in this journey and I'm sure those final hugs from everyone especially your mom, dad and sister and coach will carry you a long way. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto and we know your strength, determination and faith will guide you to that spot. We are so proud of you for this unbelievably selfless effort to aid children with disabilities and their families. We are so fortunate to have the Ynot programs in Kingston and it would be so great if more could take part in something that has been life changing. You go girl!!! We are behind you 100%! God bless you and your family. Love Lori
Tanya Heyman ( August 8, 2007
Hey Nattie, (I hope that you get this message) I just wanted to let you know that there will be a "very special" surprise for you at the finish. See you in the morning! Lots of love, The Heymans :)
The Coburn Family ( August 8, 2007
Go Natalie Go! We are following your progress on-line (about 6:15 p.m.) and know you will be successful in your marathon swim. Looking forward to being able to congratulate you in person soon! Love from Mark, Sylvia & Danny (Sydenham)
Suzanne Shephard August 8, 2007
Natalie, As the sun sets in Kingston, we are thinking about you somewhere in the middle of Lake Ontario. We are sorry we couldn't be there to greet you but you and your family and crew are in our thoughts and prayers right now. You are an inspiration....your strength, your kindness, your determination....we are proud to know you and be inspired by you Suzanne, Brian, and Michelle
Jocelyne Halladay ( August 8, 2007
Natalie, You truly are a very caring and responsible young lady. Your drive to succeed is inspirational. I wish you the best with your swim. I'm praying that you stay safe and that you enjoy your journey to make a difference!!
The Kerr Family ( August 8, 2007
Hi Natalie We don't know each other - but we wanted you to know how much we admire your strength and determination. You (as well as your sister) are an inspiration to all of us. We have followed both you and Jenna closely since Jenna's swim last year. We are thinking of you during your swim and will continue to cheer you on from Kingston!! Go Natalie go!!! Laurie, David, Jessica, Mitchell and Alexa Kerr
Your Ottawa cousins ( August 8, 2007
Fantastic Nat! Way to go and all the best to be the youngest swimmer to traverse the 52kms of water. We are all so proud of you and wish you a safe and trouble free journey!! Love to all!
Terri-Lynn Langdon ( August 8, 2007
Hey there Natalie, Well, from what I gather they (the team and others call you bulldog... and Eva is still the water Goddess... sounds like loads of fun. I swam for quite a few years and the best thing we came up with was T.L.! I have been following the swim with no doubt in my mind that you will finish. As vicki said you ARE ready. So, I guess bulldogs are steadfast in a number of ways. But more than that persons of courage and thoes who are where they are supposed to be-as you are now-succeed in their endevors. You and your team are in my thoughts. Take care, Terri-Lynn Langdon
Tina Langdon August 8, 2007
Hey Natalie! I´m so proud of you for deciding to do a marathon swim, it´s making me teary-eyed! My own swimming abilities don´t go anywhere past drowning, but my sister, Terri-Lynn is like you and your sister, as she also did a marathon swim with Vicki a few years ago! I think marathon swimming is a brave task to take on, one that take a tremendous amount of strenght and commitment. It´s also a very thoughtful and creative way of contributing to something that you really believe in. I hope the waves are with you on your swim, and I hope you have lots of fun during your training with Vicki (such a lovely lady!)and during the swim as well! GOOOOOOOO Natalie!
Diana Deakin-Thomas ( August 8, 2007
Hey Natalie! Last report - 7:40 p.m. and you are swimming strong! We wish we were there with you in body and not just spirit! Watching and cheering from the north shore! Diana & Graham
Anna Sallans ( August 8, 2007
Hi there Natalie; Way to go girl!!! I was listening thismorning when you went in the lake and have been watching the up dates here on line. You are a very brave and energetic girl and I am sure that you will do wonderfully! Your in my thoughts tonight as you are out in the dark and I will be checking to see how much closer you are getting. I think what you are doing is amazing!
Jenn McCann ( August 8, 2007
Natalie!! You are over 1/2 way by now! I'll be praying for're doing great girl! Keep up the great work!!
Mary Weller ( August 8, 2007
Hi Natalie, although we have never met, I have heard of your journey through several colleagues at THE YMCA of Greater Toronto. You are such a dynamic young woman, rich in hopes and dreams (which NO DOUBT will become reality in just a few short hours)and a true inspiration to so many!! Keep up the great work - YOU CAN DO IT!!
Clare and David Rayner ( August 8, 2007
Hi Natalie, Jenna, Vicki, John and all the rest Congratulations on another great adventure. We will be thinking of you all night and hope that the end of the swim will be in sight at sunrise.
Jennifer Ruhnke ( August 8, 2007
Wishing you all the best on your swim. You are truly an inspiration to many!!
Albert & Darlene Lambert ( August 8, 2007
Hi Natalie. We wish you great success with your swim across Lake Ontario. We know that you will meet the challenge and overcome them. Your family, coumminity and faith is all behind you and will give you the strength when you need it the most. Our prayers are with you. Great Uncle Albert & Cousin Darlene in Pembroke
Beulah Hicks (bhicks@cogeco) August 8, 2007
Hi Nat It is 11:30pm on Wed and I am just going to bed but want you to know I am rooting for you and praying for you. I am so proud to say I know you and your family. you all are special people and very close to my heart. YOU GO BULLDOG" Love ya Beulah
Rhonda Niagara-on-the-Lake ( August 9, 2007
Over half way there Natalie. Won't be long now. Hope you don't mind that I informed 680 News of your journey. You and your cause deserve the exposure. I've been listening to your progress. Well done Nat
Rhonda Niagara-on-the-Lake ( August 9, 2007
Over half way there Natalie. Won't be long now. Hope you don't mind that I informed 680 News of your journey. You and your cause deserve the exposure. I've been listening to your progress. Well done Nat
The Hogan Family August 9, 2007
Hi Natalie; What a great effort Nat! You did great! We are bursting with pride for you. You are amazing. Please remember that not only will Lake Ontario be there another day, but so will all your supporters! We are behind you 100%. You will conquer Lake Ontario another day.....that and many more great things to accomplish Nat.....this is only the beginning. GO NAT GO!!!! Lorie, Don & Eva
Zander ( August 9, 2007
Hello Natalie....zan here, getting updated on your swim.My thoughts are with you all the time.Grayce really likes seeing you and Jenna on the T.V. I can't wait untill we see each other again at the pool,it feels like a long time since we have been swimming together. Never give up we all know you you can do anything you put your mind to!!!Remember U can fly! Zander,Grayce and Kate
Kim Tolls August 9, 2007
Congrats Nat on an awesome swim. You are such an inspiration to us. I have said all along that the only thing that would stop you from accomplishing your dream was Mother Nature. We know that God has another plan for you already in the works!! Sending hugs. lots of love, Aunt Kim XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO
Rhonda Niagara-on-the-Lake ( August 9, 2007
Hold your head high Miss Natalie. You have accomplished more in your short life than most will in their lifetime. How I admire you so. Good luck with future endeavor's. Contratulations
Elwin van Alst ( August 9, 2007
OOO NAT! Dont worry knowing you you will cross! You will do it. It wasn't your fault they pulled you out. We all still believe that you can do it. I hope that you will cross soon! God Bless, van Alst Family
Lacey Tryon ( August 9, 2007
Hey Nat!!! I heard you had to get outta the water :( Oh well you can just conqer it again!!!! even better! you'll do great! hope to see you soon! luv ya! Lacey, Ps. you have all my hope and support!
Lisa, Kim and Jennifer from the Durham Family YMCA (lisa.greer@ymcagta.or) August 9, 2007
Natalie, We are so proud of your accomplishments. Each of us had a tear in our eye when we heard that you were pulled from the water. We look forward to meeting you this afternoon at the Durham Family YMCA. Your story has been posted in our main lobby. Because of your story our members are now familiar the Y knot program. Have a good rest!
Jim and Deni ( August 9, 2007
Natalie; We are so proud of you and what you accomplished. You and your family are truly an inspiration to all. Thank you!!!! Love Jim and Deni
Jon McConnell ( August 9, 2007
WOW, you are such a wonderful young woman and what a credit to your faith. You have done a super job and your Echo Lake family are very proud of you. See you at summer camp.
Shelly ( August 9, 2007
Hey Nattie, Way to go. You did an incredable job. We are so proud of you. Paige and Ethan followed your journey throughout the day. I had the radio extra loud at the bank so everyone could listen to your exciting adventure. What courage you had to start and also for knowing when you had to stop. You our still and will remain an inspiration to our family. Take care and Keep Smiling :)
Liz ( Mississauga YMCA ( August 9, 2007
wow Natalie. You are truly amazing. I had followed your progress all night. To have the ability to do what you did and to know when to stop and then to be determined to try again is simply amazing. You are an inspiration
Dan Mellon ( August 9, 2007
Congratulations Natalie on an amazing swim! Your drive and determination is an inspiration to all of us.
Maryann & John ( August 9, 2007
Wishing you all the best in the future, we know that you'll do great things!!! Congratulations on an amazing swim, you are truly an inspiration to all of us.
Colleen Shields ( August 9, 2007
Hey Natalie from what I have heard - you did an awesome job battling those waves. it's a shame to get so close and not be able to accomplish your dream. it sounds like you're not done yet so best of luck on your next attempt - I know you can do it. I'll be rooting for you Colleen
The Iliescu Family August 9, 2007
Hey Natalie, it doesn't matter to any of us that you didn't finish - what matters is that you STARTED - good for you, and you WILL finish on a better day! Don't worry about the donations - they will come!!!!!!!!
Nate ( August 9, 2007
Natalie: I have been thinking of you, sending you the warmest and strongest thoughts I have. The boys are so proud of you as is Jamie and I. You go girl!!! Take care of yourself .... take these days to reflect on the amazing things you have attempted and well as get some rest and relaxation...much much deserved Nate :)
Peter Kingston ( August 9, 2007
Way to go Natalie!! Although you didn't get a chance to complete your swim, what you have accomplished so far is nothing short of amazing. The Board of Directors of the Kingston Y are very proud of you, Jenna, Vicki and John and all the Penquins. Your hard work and commitment to the Penquins Can Fly program continues to inspire us to get the new 25 metre pool built. I can't wait to see all of you in the pool when it opens next year. You should all be especially proud that through your efforts, not only have you raised significant dollars towards the new pool, you have also inspired many people to stretch themselves and accomplish goals that they never thought were possible. I'm sure you are already planning to do the swim again, and I just know you will be successful. Peter Kingston President Kimgston Family YMCA
Jenn McCann ( August 9, 2007
WAY TO GO NATALIE! You did a GREAT job!! i am so proud of you and your determination to do the swim! Praying for you as you head home. Keep us posted!!
Karen & Family ( August 9, 2007
Hey Natalie.. we are all so proud of you. God bless. Karen, Matthew, Alex, Connor, Tanner, and Hannah
Sham Dhanji August 10, 2007
Natalie, I'd like to wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours! You are doing great things for people everywhere! Many of us at the Scarborough YMCA are cheering you on!
Erin Koebel August 10, 2007
Hey Natalie! Congrats on a terrific accomplishment. Though the waves in the water weren't cooperative in the end, the waves of support from the people that know you (and even those who don't) will hopefully send you strength and positive thoughts and help you to relax, rest and reflect on your outstanding endeavour. You are truly amazing. I am so proud of you. GO NATALIE GO!
Siobhan Coady ( August 10, 2007
Natalie, I am so very proud of you for your determination and your focus. You have a terrific team of support including your best supporters...your family. I'll be cheering you on again when you brave the lake in the future. You and your sister are real champions! All the best, Siobhan
Meaghan ( August 10, 2007
Natalie, You Are ORANGEALICIOUS!!! You did amazing and it was really inspirational seeing you speeding through the water and battling whatever challenges (waves, currents...) came your way! I'm behind you 100%! Love ya lots, Meaghan
patricia brien ( August 10, 2007
Way to go Natalie, I have been following your marathon swim and I want to tell you how proud of you I am,you are a great insprition to many young women, and I know you give them the courage to do things they think they can not do. Once again CONGRADUATIONS and WAY TO GO, YOU AER A CHAMPION.
anna mehler paperny ( August 10, 2007
hey natalie, finally got on your guest book (better late than never, right?). i really shouldn't be surprised any more by you or jenna, but i have to say i'm amazed by your stamina and drive and incredible-ness in general. i'm sorry i missed this swim, but it sounds like katherine had a lot of fun. take care, anna
Steven Gamsby ( August 10, 2007
Hi Natalie, You truly are an amazing young lady!! Up until last Wednesday I thought that I truly understood the definition of courage, you changed all that. Having the amazing opportunity to watch you challenge the lake was nothing but amazing. The courage and heart that you displayed will always be a life lesson for me. Im so proud of you my friend.
Diana Deakin-Thomas ( August 10, 2007
Wow - you are something special Natalie - I have been in my boat in the kind of conditions you faced (definitely didn't want to be in the water!) and I am in awe of your ability and determination. I look forward to hearing the next plan of attack. To you and all the team - congratulations - you all have much to be proud of. Diana
Mary Kate Jackson-Yule ( August 10, 2007
Natalie, most people wouldn't have even dipped their big toe in the water, and you plunged right in...waves or no, you did something incredible, and I have no doubt that you will conquer that lake, and probably sooner rather than later. mk
The Hampson's ( August 10, 2007
Awesome swim Natalie! Nice warm-up for the big one. We'll have to have a talk with that wind though. Robert, Sarah, James, Philip and Cheryl
Phil Cristi ( August 13, 2007
Hi Natalie, Congratulations!!! I know that you are disappointed... Please don't be. Your attempt at the record is a brave and significant feat on its own. I've heard that you will try again. I have to say that I'm not surprised! The Durham Family YMCA is very proud of you. Thank you for making a difference! Phil Cristi
Dad ( August 15, 2007
Hi Nat, Great, Unbeleivable, stupendous... and all that stuff. I am so very very proud of you. Watching you swim as with Jenna I realize that you both have what it takes to be the best of the best. We are praying for better weather for the next one... atleast if there are waves they come from the other direction and you can body surf in you've earned it. Love Dad
McMahon Family ( August 20, 2007
Natalie, Way to go! Praying for many abundant blessings during your second dip. You are an example of utilizing the spirit to the maximum for His good works. Love ya lots! Wendy, Curtis, Madison and Carter
donna davies ( August 22, 2007
Hi Natalie - So you're going to tackle Lake Ontario again. Good for you! You can do it! We're all so proud of you. With all of your strength and determination, it's hard to believe you're only 14 years old. We'll be following your swim and wish you all the best. Good luck and good swimming!
Ryan, Janet, Georgia & Charleigh Enright ( August 22, 2007
We are cheering for you Natalie! We will be following your swim closely. Good luck and swim strong! GO NAT GO!!! You can do it girl!!! Lots of love, hugs and prayers! Love from you old neighbours!!
Luke Harris (Kingston) August 23, 2007
Good luck on Monday! What your doing is great!
Maggie Dalmas ( August 24, 2007
It's 8:20 am on Friday, the 17th. My car had to go to the doctor's today, and I heard you on the radio. I made the young man turn it up so that I could hear you and learn about your progress. It made me laugh to hear you say "I knew that Lake Ontario would still be there". You are such a positive influence. As my mother would say, "Keep your chin up and God Bless." Yay Natalie! We're all so proud of you!
Liz C ( Mississauga YMCA) ( August 26, 2007
Oh...I'm only the Big Sister!! Hehe.(and a proud one to boot!) August 26, 2007
Hi Naddy! I Love you! I just got back from echo and things are well underway for your swim tomorrow. I want you to know that one of the things that Pastor Jim re-iterated to us was that God is faithful to His children. He loves you and is even more proud of you than I am. (hard to believe, I know! hehe.)You are going to be so awesome and God is going to use this to do great things. Have fun and go're a Lambert, what can I say?....GO NAT GO!
Donna Marie Letourneau ( August 26, 2007
Nat I am so excited that you're going back in to finish what you started. I know that you can do it, we all do. I pray for good weather, and strength for you. I'll even wear orange! I've been told it's a good colour for me but I'm still not convinced. I'll wear it proudly to support you as I did the lime green for Jenna. It's great that you're coming into Kingston. See you at the finish! Love DMarie
David and JoAnn August 26, 2007
Here's hoping for warm water. We get back after it's done.
Beulah Hicks ( August 27, 2007
Hi Natalie Just want you to know that you are in prayers and my thoughts all day to day and through the night and will be there to welcome you home on Tuesday. I know God is with every stroke you take He is faithful in every aspect of our lives. This is just the next step of what God has in store for you. God Bless you and Jen and your amazing family. love ya Beulah.
Mary Anne Kingston ( August 27, 2007
Hi Natalie You have been in my thoughts constantly. Karen and I and the kids plan to be there to welcome you tomorrow. hugs and prayers. Mary Anne
Gord & Cindy Johnson & Family ( August 27, 2007
We are routin for you every stroke of the way Natalie....You are so going to do it this time. Just wanted to let you know our hearts/thoughts and prayers are with you. Love ya Kiddo xoxoxoxox
Lacy Hawley ( August 27, 2007
Nat and I are best friends, I wish I could have been there for you today to see you off but I will definitely be there tomorrow when you come into Kingston. Good Luck and I'm praying for you. Lacy
Michele Jeican ( August 27, 2007
Natalie, I was sooooooo excited to hear that you were changing your route and swimming from Sackets Harbor as we have a cottage directly across on Pillar Point, (in NY-US)! Then, I heard you were swimming today and we had to go to work so would not be at the lake to see you go. I wish you the best of luck on your swim today! When we left this am around 7am the lake was flat as a pancake-should make for a nice swim!!!! When I was your age, I always wanted to swim from my cottage to Sackets Harbor and never did it~I can live vicariously through you! You go girl!!!!!!!!
Jeff Hannah ( August 27, 2007
Best of luck with your swim today Natalie! You did a great job last time, and the weather should be great for you over the next day. Our thoughts are with you, I look forward to seeing you when you arrive tomorrow!
Kay Wallace August 27, 2007
Way to go Natalie. Good luck!! We all know you can do it. Love Aunt Kay
No Name Entered ( August 27, 2007
We are pulling for you! Stay strong
Arno van Alst ( August 27, 2007
Hi natalie. This time you will succeed in this journey That you can do this is ni question. God bless, The van Alst Family
PHILIP ROBINSON ( August 27, 2007
Natalie, "Fair Winds and following seas" on your journey across the Lake Ontario. From the U.S. Coast Guard in Sackets Harbor.
Tracey Elder ( August 27, 2007
Teri August 27, 2007
Natalie, I have e-mailed all the Penguins to be on hand for the big finish tomorrow. Your crazy, fuzzy orange hat will be the landing beacon for you and your Penguin team mates and friends. We are all so proud of you for swimming such a distance (again) to make such a difference in all of our lives. Love, laughter and orangelicious pride.
Brenda & Jim Buffett ( August 27, 2007
Hey Nat; we're routing for you here! Good luck today and (and Jenna) are such God-filled inspiring girls and make us all proud to know you...we'll be praying for safe journey (for you & your crew) and calm waters, although as I write this, I hear the waves are choppy...but remember..."I can do all things through him who strengthens me"..With good timing, we'll see you at the finish tomorrow!!!
Fern-Dawg ( August 27, 2007
See.....this is exactly why your my favorite Penguin (inside Penguin joke) Your first attempt was not successful, but you didn't let that stop you and now your swimming the lake again in the same month and summer. Your amazing Nat, and the world now knows the determination that you carry. Your one crazy person, runs in the family though so hey. haha. Anyway, I'll be waiting for you at the end of the swim, I have no doubt in my mind you will make it and go back to bugging me. lol. I'll be waiting for that. lol. Swim hard Bull dogg.
Lacy Hawley and Madison McMahon ( August 27, 2007
Hey Nat, It's hard to believe that we're sitting here while your swimming a marathon. We may not be on the boat but we'll definitly be there when you come in and will be praying for you. :) Good luck (even though you don't need it!) We and everyone else knows you can do this no matter what! Just keep swimming! P.s. Everyone at Echo (especially the Romans) have complete faith in you and wanted me to tell you that they will deffinitly be praying and thinking of you! Love and Prayers, Lacy and Madison
Candice Laframboiose ( August 27, 2007
Hey Natalie, I am sitting here, thinking and praying about you! You have been blessed you with amazing weather this time! God is so good! I am so confident you will do well! I am looking forward to seeing you finish tomorrow! I just hope you don't beat me to the park, because you are doing so well and I don't want to miss it! We are all so proud to know you and call you friend! See you soon, Love Candice
Emily Caird ( August 27, 2007
Hey Gnat My family has been following you the whole way.the first time we were away and tracking all the news channels. Im so excited for when you come in tomorrow . Im so proud of you Natalie Lambert. Im also so thankful that i get to call this amzing person a friend of mine:) Well ill see you soon . Just remember you're "Pro" nat haha. Love Emily & Family.
Lacet Tryon ( August 27, 2007
Hey GNAT!!!! OMG im sitting here well cheering you on haha in my own house...listening to fly FM for every update i can get!!..I hope you are feeling great and definatly motavated!!!Your an awesome friend and im sooooo proud of you!..well goooooodddd lock!!!you are well on your way and swiming great so keep it up! Luv ya Nat!! Lacey Tyroni as emily C. says! <3
Bonnie Fleming ( August 27, 2007
Natalie, I do not know you personally nor have I ever met you, but you inspire us all. Good luck with your swim, you are an amazing individual and your strength and faith is so pure you will be successful. Know that many many people are routing you on and take pride in know how many lives you touch that you do not even know. Good Luck, God Bless and take care of your during your journey and always.
Marilyn Murton August 28, 2007
You are an amazing young lady and I am awed to know you. Once again I'm wakened at 2:30am and am down at the computer wanting to know how it is going. No matter what happens you are a star. My heart is with you. Love Marilyn
Leslie Bellemare ( August 28, 2007
Natalie--It is not even 8AM and you are already by Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Two world records!!!! You are AMAZING!!!! Harry and I are so proud of you. The world is so proud of you. See you soon. Leslie and Harry
McMahon Family ( August 28, 2007
It's only a matter of minutes and you will be flying in to the harbour. Natalie, you are so inspiring to all no matter what age,not just for your swim but for the heart you have to help and serve others. I pray that the donations come flying in just like you are. Yippee! He is smiling big at you today especially! Love you lots... Wendy, Curtis, Madison and Carter
kaitlyn ( August 28, 2007
I think you and your sister are amazing!! Hey my camp is on lake ontario! I wish that I could see you come in! But I can't because I'm going to the playground.By!!!
kirk bauder ( August 28, 2007
Natalie, my wife Kathy and I are very proud of you. You are an inspiration to all. Young people can take a lesson from you. Remember, weeds are just weeds. I can't make it but Kathy will be on shore to cheer you in. Congratulations and good luck in all your endeavours.
The Sweetmans ( August 28, 2007
Hey Nat!! Awesome awesome!! What an example of determination and focus! God got you thru the night (with the help of your amazing family - especially Jenna!). You're almost here.. watching for you out my office window! Hope to watch you land!! YOu are an amazing girl! Such an Inspiration Love to you and your family. Laurie, Kc and Cole
Melanie ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations!!!!! You did it!!!!! You and your sister should be very proud of yourselves!!! Amazing girls indeed!!
Jeannine ( August 28, 2007
WAy to go Natalie... Good for you.. Jeannine.
Rachelle Reid August 28, 2007
Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement. Good luck with your future goals.
McLaughlin Family ( August 28, 2007
Congrats Nathalie on completing your marathon swim! Great job :) !! Jordan says HI :) Tanya, Paul, Jordan and Gavin (sister of Kelly Bolton)
McLaughlin Family ( August 28, 2007
Congrats Nathalie on completing your marathon swim! Great job :) !! Jordan says HI :) Tanya, Paul, Jordan and Gavin (sister of Kelly Bolton)
Jon McConnell ( August 28, 2007
Praise God, you are amazing and your Echo Lake Family are so proud of you...have a well deserved rest we are so thankful for both of you. Jon
Lacey Tryon ( August 28, 2007
HAHAH YAY!!! GO GNAT GO!!! are amazing!..I am so proud to be your friend you have done ths time wth i think no mother nature problems! So hopefully iwill see you tomorrow ! i would relly like to!anyays GEAT JOB! AND GUESS WAT!? PENGUINS CAN FLY!haha LOVE YA NAT! Ps your whole family is amazing!
Jeff K ( August 28, 2007
WOW. Congrats on your amazing swim. Such courage and determination. We all should strive to gain the strength and drive you posess. This comes from a 43 year old, 20 year career army guy who has seen much in this world. You are an amazing example for our youth. You rock Natalie.
Brenda & Jim ( August 28, 2007
Nat - CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go - we're all so proud of your accomplishment! First thing this am I turned on the radio to see how your night went and your location....I even stopped by the basin this morning on my morning walk but couldn't stay due to work committments....get your much needed and well deserved rest!!!
Katherine McDonald & kids August 28, 2007
Way to go Nat!! you are awesome - you are a terrific inspiration to everyone and your wonderful spirit and heart for God are a great message!
Leslie & Terry Byrd ( August 28, 2007
Natalie, Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all. Young people will learn lessons from you. I was at the wall cheering when you came in for your last 100 meters and was so proud of a young girl (and her sister) who have such big hearts to support the things that matter so much to a community. Good luck in all your endeavours. God bless you!
Mary ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations on a tremendous swim! You are a true inspiration to so many! WAY TO GO........
colleen shields ( August 28, 2007
HI Natalie WAY TO GO!!!!!! I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you from one lake Ontario crosser to another. I am so proud of you. I thought about you all night and just knew that you were going to do it this time. WELL DONE!!! Colleen
colleen shields ( August 28, 2007
HI Natalie WAY TO GO!!!!!! I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you from one lake Ontario crosser to another. I am so proud of you. I thought about you all night and just knew that you were going to do it this time. WELL DONE!!! Colleen
Dawn and Meagan Lloyd August 28, 2007
WAY TO GO NAT!!!! WE are all so incredibly proud of you! Your drive and determination is awe-inspiring, enjoy your success you've certainly earned it. Get some rest and we'll see you at the pool!
Lisan (Ellie's sister) ( August 28, 2007
Hey Natalie Great job everyone new that you could do it!!! You have amazed everyone with you encouragement, strength and big heart!!!!!!!:) Congrats again on your amazing journey! you have encouraged others to do the best they can and strive:)God Bless Lisan & Family
The Hogan Family August 28, 2007
WAY TO GO NAT!!!! Your entire penguin family couldn't be more proud. It was amazing watching you come in. Your power and strength was easy to see BULLDOG!!! You sure did GET R DONE! Love The Hogans; Don, Lorie and Eva aka Goddess
Andy smith ( August 28, 2007
Nat Congrats with your swim and entering the hearts & soul of alot of Canadians. Neighbor idle in Verona Andy Smith
Gary and Lynda Bissonette ( August 28, 2007
Natalie Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment. Everyone at our YMCA is extremely proud of you. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many children and youth across the province and throughout Canada.
The Hogan Family August 28, 2007
WAY TO GO NAT!!!! Your entire penguin family couldn't be more proud. It was amazing watching you come in. Your power and strength was easy to see BULLDOG!!! You sure did GET R DONE! Love The Hogans; Don, Lorie and Eva aka Goddess
Sylvia Roach- YMCA of Fort Erie ( August 28, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE! Outstanding. I hope you are feeling much pride in your accomplishment. The YMCA of Fort Erie- and our future Y Knot program- we salute you!
Jean ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations Natalie - so very impressed and proud of your achievement. I heard you and your sister interviewed on Bob FM prior to your swim and you conducted yourself very well - representing the Y, the Y Knot program and your cause in a very professional way. The Kingston Y and the Kingston community is very lucky to have a young woman such as yourself involved the way you are. Hope you are taking some well deserved time to relax prior to the beginning of school. Hopefully your arms will have fully recovered. All the best. Jean
Gord Hunter ( August 28, 2007
Natalie - I was lucky enough to cover your coach's record-breaking swim in 2005. Unfortunately I could not be on hand to see you reach the shore today. Your strength of spirit and determination is inspiring. Kingstonians all over Canada (and all over the world) are beaming with pride today in your accomplishment.
Meagan Lloyd ( August 28, 2007
Way to go Nat we are all so proud of you it's just amazing how fast you were. Get plenty of rest and PASTA and see you at the pool.
Bryan Webber ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations, Nathalie - we here at the YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington are very proud of you and Jenna! Bryan Webber
Robin-Lynn MacNeil ( August 28, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! it is such a joy to see young people such as yourself truly making a difference keep up the good work you truly are an inspiration to young and old alike
Carolyn Tyner ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations Natalie! Thank you for sharing your strength, courage and determination. Your swim will benefit so many others in many ways, far into the future, for your YMCA Story will continue to inspire everyone that hears it.
Melinda Raymond August 28, 2007
Oh Natalie, I am so proud of you! Congratulations!!! You are truly an inspiration to us all!
Liz ( mississauga) ( August 28, 2007
CONGRATS! Natalie you did amazing! Less then 24 hours for 57 km that is fantastic! way to go!
Kay Wallace ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations Natalie. May God bless you and I'm sure he gave you the strength to do such a great job. Goes to prove (we Lamberts don't quit) Love ya Aunt Kay
Glenn and Nancy Tolls ( August 28, 2007
What a great swim Natalie, we are so proud of you! Love, Glenn and Nancy
Jeff Hannah ( August 28, 2007
Congratulations Nat! I wish I could have been there to see you arrive home. I had no doubt that you would achieve your goals, you are an inspiration to everyone. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished and all of the people that you have helped! Way to go!!
Cynthia Berringer ( August 28, 2007
Hi Natalie, WAY TO GO!! It was great following your route on the web. Congratulations!!!
Donna Smrek ( August 28, 2007
Way to go Natalie! I send Congratulations on behalf of YMCA Sudbury.
Joanne Bell ( August 28, 2007
Hi Natalie - Les and I were praying for you the whole way - okay maybe not all night - but quite a few times through the night. You are truly gifted and it is wonderful to see you use your gifts to inspire others. Your commitment and determination is remarkable. It's hard to put feelings into words when I think of what you've just accomplished.
CAS ( August 28, 2007
Hey Girl, Way to go! Have a great school year and take care of yourself. Many people will benefit from your actions. All the best, CAS
Heather Collacott ( August 28, 2007
Many congratulations to you Natalie - and many thanks! Best wishes for your continued success.
Toni Matheson ( August 28, 2007
Hey Natalie, Congrats!! It was a great thing watching you touch the wall and seeing your great smile even after just swimming all that time. Your a great young lady who I'm pround to say is my friend. Job well done!!
Karrie Burd ( August 28, 2007
Natalie, an amazing accomplishment! Future Y Knot programs will continue to look at your achievement for the true inspiration that it is. Congratulations!!!
Donna Marie Letourneau ( August 28, 2007
Nat that was amazing!!!You go girl! It was great to be there as you came in. My throat is still a bit sore from screaming so much! You ARE amazing, to have completed a total of 97kl in one month, and that doesn't even include the practice between each swim. You and Jenna are very inspiring. It was great to see your fellow penguins cheering you on. Great job girl. Love and Hugs DMarie
Mark Lambert ( August 28, 2007
Dear Natalie and Jenna Yesterday Natalie you left from Sackets Harbor and I didn't know or I would have been there to cheer you on, I live near there. Kay Wallace tells me that we are related and that you have made it to Kingston. As part of the American side of the family I'd Like to say how proud we are of you 2 for the good you both are doing.
Jim and Linda Myers ( August 28, 2007
Hi Nat We had no doubt you would achieve your goal.Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it. We are proud to call you and your wonderful family friends. I'm sure God has great plans ahead for you. Love Jim and Linda
Emily Skinner ( August 28, 2007
Congradulations Natalie ! It is truly amazing what you accomplished :) You make everyone you know very proud and are a huge insperation to many :D Excellent work!
Don & Penny Cadeau ( August 28, 2007
Hi Natalie I new you could do it and we are very proud of you and it is a honour to know a supper Marathon swimmer, like you and your sister Jenna. All the Best in the years to come. Penny & Donnie Cadeau.
Beyene Haile ( August 29, 2007
Natalie, You are an inspiring person and you did it for good cause. I am sure many will learn a good lesson from you. Keep up the good work.
Don and Dianne Curtis ( August 29, 2007
Natalie-you are wonderful.Twenty three and half hours. Unbelievabe.You should be very proud of your achievement. Beacause I can tell you that all of Kingston is proud of you. I was at the Confederatgion Basin just after you arrived and there you were,shivering but smiling,your equally remarkable sister beside you.You guys are an inspiration to every other young person in the country. Well done . Dianne and Don Curtis
Lindsey ( August 29, 2007
WOW! You and your sister are truly amazing!! Congratulations on your huge swimming accomplishment!
The Harper's August 29, 2007
Hey Nat, Way to go. You were an inspiration and continue to be an inspiration to all of us. What an example of determination and dedication to a wonderful cause. Hope you are enjoying some "R'nR". Congratulations on such a successful swim. We know this is only the start of great things by such a great young woman! Kevin, Heather, Adam and Karlie Harper.
Susan Zerf ( August 29, 2007
Natalie, we are so proud of you. I wish I was there to see you come to shore. You and Jenna are a great inspiration to your peers. Congratulations!
Lisa ( August 29, 2007
Way to go!! Your an inspiration to so many, you make Kingston proud!
pat ( August 30, 2007
Way to go nat, i knew you could do it, very proud of u. and indeed u are an inspiration to many, young and old.God was diffently by ur side during ur swim. Good luck in what ever god has in store for u now. GOD BLESS.
anne ( August 30, 2007
I just saw you girls on Canada AM and I think you are both beautiful inside and out. Thank goodness there are some parents out there who are doing an excellent job raising great kids! As a mother myself I say congratulations Mr.and Mrs. Lambert for raising such classy, gracious offspring.
Emily Niles August 30, 2007
Way to go Natalie! I was about 5 feet from where you touched shore at Confed Basin, and that whole experience was unforgettable. You're an inspiration to all of us! Congrats :)
Gordon Farrow ( September 1, 2007
I am in awe of your achievement of being able to come right back just two weeks after your previous 20 hr effort and finish the job this time. You've worked so hard for this and you now have your just reward. All the best for you and Jenna in whatever future endeavours you pursue. (I've given $100 to the Kingston Y - i.e. $1 for each of the (close to) 100 km swum in the lake).
Phyllis Gardner, Seaway Trail ( September 4, 2007
Congratulations from the Seaway Trail, an America's Byway & a New York State Scenic Byway here in Sackets Harbor, NY. It was terrific to see you start here for your successful swim to Kingston, Ontario. Best regards from us all here at the Seaway Trail
Rachel Tavares September 19, 2007
Hey Natalie, Congratulations on your Lake Ontario swim, i've been checking out the whole website and I am so proud of you!!! say hi to Jenna for me! Rachel <3
adam samee ( September 27, 2007
hi i think it was really nice that you did that stuff
Karen North ( January 27, 2008
My husband has asperger's syndrome and our son has autism. I have dreamed of long distance swimming all my life. WE also love Jesus. And so i support you with my heart and prayers. God bless you Natalie. Karen North
Annie Douglas ( May 30, 2008
i think you're amazing!!!
Susanne Robinson ( July 6, 2008
I see you left this morning on your trip accross Lake Erie. I hope your having great weather and most of all your having fun. FLY ALL THE WAY WOW YOU GO GIRL
Ginette Forgues ( July 6, 2008
I got goosebumps just reading about your story. What a wonderful human being you are!! Natalie, you are a true inspiration and your selfless act gives real definition to the term "Hero". Your parents must be beaming with pride. Best of luck in all that you accomplish. God bless you!!
Donna Marie Letourneau ( July 6, 2008
Hey Nat Congratulations on your Lake Erie crossing. I saw it on the news this evening. You didn't even look tired as you walked up onto the shore!!! Amazing! Butterfly to boot!!!WOW
Heather Healey ( July 7, 2008
WOW!!!!! Way to go!! You are such an inspiration to me and most especially to my children! May God continue to work through you in all you do!!! (Hugs to you and to Jenna too! I miss you guys!) xo
meaghan shannon ( July 7, 2008
Hi Good luck on your next swim! Me, my dad and my mom were so excited about your swim. Anyways, I can't swim in a lake - I get too scared of the seaweed and fish.go natalie!
The Williams Family ( July 22, 2008
It goes without saying how much we love you and how proud we are of you (I guess I just said it again)! You go girl! Lori, Doug, Sara, Mike, Emily and Matt
Glenn and Nancy Tolls July 22, 2008
Well Natalie, you are in the lake and doing just great. We'll see you when you get home from conquering Lake Ontario. Love, Glenn & Nancy
Jane Scognamillo (& Jade) ( July 22, 2008
I have been watching the sky all day and following your progress with a tear in my eye for you Natalie. Having been through this personally now with Jade, I know some of what you are facing today. We truly hope you are successful - you are such an inspiration and deserve your name on the plaque at Marilyn Bell Park! Go for it!
Jane Scognamillo (& Jade) ( July 22, 2008
I have been watching the sky all day and following your progress with a tear in my eye for you Natalie. Having been through this personally now with Jade, I know some of what you are facing today. We truly hope you are successful - you are such an inspiration and deserve your name on the plaque at Marilyn Bell Park! Go for it!
Jim, Janice & Jonathan English ( July 22, 2008
Natalie, We are in awe of how far you have already gone in less than 12 hours!!! We'll have to add the word speedy to your nickname. You & all your support team are in our thoughts & prayers as you accomplish this amazing feat!!! We are so very proud of you. God's speed & strength as you swim for all the amazing kids. Love the 3 J's
Gordon Farrow ( July 22, 2008
Bulldog, be brave, Be strong. You go, girl! And Mother Nature, please give her a break this time!
van Alst Family ( July 22, 2008
Way to go Nathalie! You are just an amazing swimmer. We are listening to the radio all day long to follow your journey from Niagara on the Lake to Toronto. We will keep you in prayer as the sun sets and the moon takes it's place. The Lord is with you and your crew. We wish you all the best during your marathon swim.
Nate ( July 22, 2008
Natalie and wonderful family What an honour to be a very small part of your terrific day... I came home after seeing you swim away from NOTL with such an inspirational feeling, which stayed with me all day. My two friends, Peggy Assinck (from MWC) and Giorgio (a triathlon friend) were also honoured as they drove your family cars into Toronto. I am thinking strong thoughts for you as you approach the last kms of your swim. Enjoy the tunes on the MP3 player. Nate (thanks again for including me, I waved to you both times as I drove over the Burlington Skyway Bridge...:)
van Alst Family ( July 23, 2008
Hi Natalie, Do not give up. We know you can do it. Next time you will conquer and triumph. As you know all good things come in threefold. God Bless.
Heather Healey ( July 23, 2008
Soooo close!! :( We look forward to your rescheduling..... darn weather!!! xoxo
Andrea McHattie, Craig and Lawrence ( July 23, 2008
Hey Natalie, We never cease to be truly AMAZED by you Lambert girls! Third times a charm, and no doubt you will do it! Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Jeff Bull ( July 23, 2008
A great job well done, Natalie. I was very impressed with your spirit, strength, and determination. It was truly an honour to be part of your team and support you in any way possible. Please keep me in mind for future swims.
Jan MacPhail ( July 24, 2008
Hey Nat! You are an amazing young woman! Not only by what you accomplish through your swims but also by your compassion, your integrity and your grace. Keep on keeping on, girl! Hugs Jan
Elaine Garnett ( July 24, 2008
Hey Nat - you've got amazing heart and determination. You are an inspiration! The "forces of nature" may have been against you, but even mother nature can't hold you back for long. Third time's a charm! Go get 'em!
Van Alst Family ( August 21, 2008
Hi Natalie, Go for the charm! We wish you all the best. We know you can do it. God bless you and your crew.
Natalie ( February 20, 2009
Hi Natalie, my name is Natalie (haha) and i am a 14 year old swimmer in Alberta. I was reading a news paper clip the other day about your swim across Lake Erie. I was so stunned by your swim (and in that i have decided that i will write my leadership project. i am in grade nine leadership class and we have to write a page on someone who we beleive is a leader and beleive me, you are at the top of my list.You are an inspiration to me and i hope to see you swimming in the future! Good luck!!! Natalie xxx
Ruby Maryjane ( March 23, 2009
Yo Natalie! Keep up the great work! You are a inspration to may people! including me! I am a tomyboy who loves wearing hoodies and 2 look at the poster of u on my wall and I have one the Primary Champion swimmer at my swim club and at school may times and i have won various trophies. Keep up the awsome work! From Ruby
Lori Williams ( July 17, 2009
Natalie - I look forward to seeing you touch ground in Toronto.....go for the gold! Love Lori
Ken Lucas ( August 10, 2009
Natalie It was a pleasure to help out these last few days. Your an inspiration to both young and old. Keep up the good work, you make me proud to have been a part of you attemt at Lake Ontario and also your swim from Belleville to Bath. Hope to see you again at your other attemts, count me in. Capt Ken