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This page will be updated continually with her location and information on what is happening out on the lake as she takes on this Herculean challenge.

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Jenna in the News 

August 29, 2006 – Total donations to date - $144, 855.00, and counting!

July 31, 2006 – Total donations to date - $125, 000.00, and counting!  Jenna would like to thank everyone who has donated so far.

7:05 p.m. – this will be the last posting for tonight.  Please continue to come back to the site for updates on Jenna’s comments and amounts raised by this record attempt.

6:57 p.m. -  Here are some of the comments Jenna had, after she came out of the water. “…seeing the supporters and friends and family come out on the boats is what kept me going and happy….”, “…I never thought about giving up…”

6: 44 p.m. – JENNA HAS DONE IT!!!!

6:32 p.m. -  Jenna is almost there.   John Munro, one of her coaches and the Swim Master over-seeing this marathon swim, says that this is one of the most exciting swims he has ever been on.

6:14 p.m. – Jenna is now in clear view of the crowd, as she rounded the break wall near Lake Ontario Park.  Supporters started cheering her name to encourage her on for this last part of her journey.  She is approximately 30 – 45 minutes from finishing.

5:25 p.m. – Jenna has finished a feeding and a drink in the last hour and is moving forward.  She hit a bit of a wall, but the crowds at Lake Ontario Park have been asked to start cheering for her which has lifted her spirits and kept her motivation up.  At this point they are predicting she will be ashore in about 1 hour. 

4:10 p.m. – Jenna is still going strong and knows it is almost over.  She is coming up on 30 hours in the water. The crowd at Lake Ontario Park is getting bigger and bigger.

3:10 p.m.  – Jenna is about 1 to 1.5 hours away from finishing her swim.  She is swimming faster now than at any other point during her time in the water.  The flotilla can be seen from Lake Ontario Park and they can see the crowd from the water.  Jenna is listening to K- Rock 105.7 FM and can hear what is awaiting her and the organizers wish for everyone to come down and greet her as she finishes.

1:36 p.m.  It has been confirmed that Jenna will be coming into Lake Ontario Park.  Vicki Keith was in the water with her, a short time ago, and was giving her some suggestions of other possible areas to come a shore, but Jenna has stated - “No, I am going to finish what I started.  I am going to Lake Ontario Park”.  She is in good spirits, even yelling to people at the other end of the phone, while crew are on their cells.  We are told that on-lookers should be able to see the flotilla in about 1 – 1.5 hours from now, on the horizon out from DuPont. 

11:56 a.m. - Jenna is currently off the tip of Simcoe Island. Her sister, Natalie, has been in the water to help encourage her on, as well family and the Y-Penguins have come out by boat to cheer. K-Rock is reporting that Jenna is currently heading towards DuPont and a suitable landing spot will be located for her. Please continue to follow her progress here on this site and at K-Rock 105.7 FM. Jenna has now been in the water for 25.5 hours.

11:39 a.m. - The current is still all over the map. With this in mind, the crew has not yet made a final decision on the landing area, Fairfield Park in Amherstview or Lake Ontario Park,  for Jenna to come out at. Please continue to follow her progress here on this site and at K-Rock 105.7 FM.

10:50 a.m. - Communications remain a problem this morning as we've had no contact with the crew since 5:30 this morning other than the reporting of K-Rock 105.7.

8:30 a.m. - Jenna continues to battle strong currents and winds out in the lake, however due to lower than expected waves within the channel between Wolfe Island and Kingston Jenna has expressed a desire to continue onto Lake Ontario Park in Kingston. A final landing decision probably won't be made for another couple of hours as she approaches the channel.

8:00 a.m. - Jenna remains in high spirits despite her battles with the wind. Based on her current rate of progress Jenna should reach Fairfield Park sometime this afternoon.

6:08 a.m. - [Course Change - See updated map] The crew has directed Jenna towards Fairfield Park in Amherstview due to the heavier winds she has been facing out of the NE. The change in direction will give Jenna the best chance at success. The change shouldn't have a large impact on the overall distance but will put the winds at Jenna's side instead of into her face. Jenna has had to face the winds at every turn with the winds having been constantly into her face throughout the swim.

5:40 a.m. - The sun is up and Jenna has made it through the night and remains in great spirits. Jenna has been listening to some music on her MP3 player and had to listen to her crew singing after her batteries wore out. Jenna is currently about 5 km from the tip of Simcoe Island and the winds have picked up from the NE.

July 19 - 1:00 a.m. - Winds are lighter out of the NNE with the water temperature of 73.6 F and the air has cooled. John reports that the swim is going well and Jenna continues to swim strongly.

11:40 p.m. - Winds are ENE at this time and Jenna continues to swim strongly. The crew took the opportunity to stop and sing O Canada after the crossing of the international border. Jenna has been averaging approximately 1 km/h throughout the swim. Jenna is currently about 3.5 km from Long Point, Wolfe Island.

10:13 p.m. - Winds have switched to NNE and the waves have lowered to 1 to 2 feet. Jenna remains in great spirits and according to John is handling her first nighttime swim pretty well. Many of the crew members have been sea sick on and off throughout the day. Please check the on-line map for a view of her exact location.

9:30 p.m. - Jenna has passed into Canadian waters.

8:21 p.m. - Winds are west and Jenna has crossed most of the way through the shipping channel. Jenna continues to swim strongly and is maintaining her usual pace. Phone communications have been intermittent and weren't helped after the phone was swamped by a wave. However it appears to be working again after being dried out.

5:20 p.m.  - The wind and waves are starting to diminish and should continue to do so into the evening and at this time there are no sign of thunderstorms on Lake Ontario. Unfortunately the forecasted wind conditions don't appear to be in Jenna's favour with winds becoming north to northeast tonight and east tomorrow morning. Jenna continues to swim strongly and according to John Munro her natural buoyancy appears to be helping Jenna deal with the waves quite well. Once Jenna crosses through the main shipping channel she will begin to turn back towards Kingston.

4:25 p.m. - Communication has been difficult while trying to make contact with the flotilla that is accompanying Jenna. This is not that uncommon for lake crossings and should improve as Jenna moves closer to Wolfe Island. She is still strong and is swimming with determination against the waves. Waves are still 3 feet in length and the wind is strong from the west.  The crew says it should calm down in a couple of hours.  Jenna is currently heading west, but will be changing to a northerly direction in the next couple of hours.

3:04 p.m. - Jenna is still moving strong, with about 8 kilometers already traveled.  She is still in good spirits and swimming steadily. Due to some communication problems, we will not be able to get location updates regularly, but will try when possible.  At this point she is heading towards Ottey Shoal. Waves are still head on at a 3 foot wave length and the water temperature is
73 degrees Fahrenheit.

3:00 p.m. - Due to weather conditions this morning the decision was made to head north of Grenadier Island. In order to meet the original distance however Jenna is now swimming towards Ottey (sp?) Shoal. She should then turn and head back towards her original route. Please check the on-line map for a view of her exact location.

1:58 p.m. - Jenna is still in good spirits, smiling, and has a steady stroke.  Her coordinates are North 44 degrees 3.6 minutes, West 76 degrees 22.77 minutes. Jenna has been having fruit cups and "Boost" at her feedings.  Her next one is in approx. 20 minutes.

Jenna is facing waves head on with a wave length of approximately 2 feet.  Winds have increased and are now steady at 8 knots.  The crew hopes to have her turn to get the waves coming from the side.


11:39 a.m. - Jenna is in great spirits.  She is almost at the point of Grenadier Island and she had her first feed at 11:26 AM. Water conditions are good, with waves at less than 1 foot with a small roll.  Water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Skies are clearing.


10:27 a.m. - With friends and family encouraging her on,  Jenna has started her swim at 10:27 AM.


July 18 - Swim Update


Jenna will be starting her swim at 10:00 AM this morning.  Winds are light at the moment and should have died down by the time she enters the water.

We should receive our next update sometime before lunch.


July 17 - Swim Update


Please note that due to weather conditions, Jenna Lambert's swim is being postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday, July 18, 2006.  She will, hopefully, be entering the water sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.  More details will be forwarded later.  You can also make donations at the Kingston Family YMCA or on line at


Thank you for your support.


July 12 - Jenna's Trial Swims

Jenna has been a competitive swimmer for over 5 years, and has been training for her Lake Ontario Swim for an entire year. She had 2 trial swims to complete in the final step before setting out on her Kid 4 Kids Marathon. The first is required by the Solo Swim Association of Ontario and must be 1/3 of the distance of the actual swim. The second is a night swim to get use to the experience of swimming in the dark.

On Thursday July 6th at 8:30 am, Jenna walked into Lake Ontario from the shore of Amherst Island and started her 10 km trial swim. The water temperature was 66 degrees F to start, although that temperature rose quickly so that the average temperature was closer to 69 degrees, which she finds quite pleasant.

During the swim, Jenna stopped for feedings once every hour. Her feedings consisted of Boost, fruit cups, chicken noodle soup, granola bars and water. She has mastered speaking one word at a time when she takes a breath so she can ask questions and pass along information. She spent time singing songs, reviewing movies in her head, praying and watching the fish swim along the bottom of the lake.

With 2 kilometres to go, Jenna's sister Natalie climbed from the Kayak that she had been paddling beside Jenna and took to the water to swim the last couple of kilometres with her sister. Natalie has been training with Jenna so that she can pace Jenna during the Kid 4 Kids marathon. Marathon swimming can be a very lonely sport, and having someone swim with you for a short period of time is always welcomed.

Jenna completed her trial swim in 5 hours, 6 minutes and 36 seconds. She completed it with a flourish, swimming butterfly to the shore and finally popping up with a smile on her face. The small crowd that had come to watch her finish applauded and cheered. Some were surprised to see that she wasn't huffing and puffing from exertion, and that she wasn't cold at all.

On July 11th Jenna once again climbed into Lake Ontario, this time, it was 9:30 pm. It was almost dark, and a rain storm had recently passed over, so the cloud cover added to the darkness. Jenna spent about 1/2 an hour in the lake and seemed quite comfortable with the experience. She found swimming at night "a little creepy", but quickly changed her mind set to accept the experience and she handled it well. Once she jumped and let out a bit of a shout when she ran into a small patch of weeds, but quickly recovered and continued to swim, laughing at herself.

I must say she handled her first night swim better than I handled my first night swim years ago. I remember sprinting out to a channel marker by Lake Ontario Park and turning before I could touch it because I was imagining an arm reaching up from the depths to grab my ankle and pull me down. I sprinted back, with my pulse pounding in my head and had no idea how I was going to handle a full night in the water. Jenna stayed comfortable throughout her swim. I know if she can handle this so well, that she will have no problem during her Lake Ontario crossing.

After coaching Jenna for the last 5 years in both competitive and marathon swimming, and watching her throughout her trial swims, I believe that she is one of the most talented marathon swimmers I have ever seen. She has a strong positive attitude, and an ability to stay focused, and block the negative thoughts from interfering with her success. I have no doubt in my mind that Jenna will be successful in her goal of swimming across Lake Ontario. She has what it takes both physically and mentally.

Vicki Keith


As part of Jenna's preparation for her marathon swim, she completed work in a "Psyche Book". This is a concept that Jenna's Coach, Vicki Keith came up with to help address a number of the psychological aspects of a marathon swim. It was created to help guide Jenna through the necessary psychological steps before and during her swim, to help her realize that her goal is achievable, and that she can accomplish it. This assignment required her to write a story about the end of her swim, to help her visualize her goal and to make it more real. She was to start at about 400 metres from shore when she first heard the crowd cheering her on to success. Below is Jenna's rendition of the completion of her Lake Ontario crossing.


Like the millions of stars in the night, they glimmer on, stationed along the shoreline. When I breathe they are all I see. On the left and on the right, I see flashes of their beautiful light. They are everywhere. They drive me on. Their voices much louder than words, speak of faith and encouragement.

The knowledge of their presence is what keeps me in rhyme 1,2,3 breathe, 1,2,3, breathe.

As I reflect back on how I made it to this point in my swim I realize that it was because of those tiny sparkles, the glimmers of hope of appreciation, it's because of them, those smiles. The bright stretched faces of friends, like spot lights in my vision.

They are familiar faces, faces of loved ones, of supporters, of Penguins, they're all waiting for me - have been for the past 24 hours, and now I'm 400 yards away looking at each and every proud face.

My achy bones don't want to. Heck I feel like I'm 150, not much to say when you're only 15. But I gotta go on... I've gotta meet all those smiling faces, see my friends standing high above me, look up to Jonathan, the Fernando, then Livy and Sara and all the Penguins.

At the rate I'm going now, it'll be another hour before I get there but at least I'm moving. Their cheers are getting louder. At this state I can't tell whether or not that means I'm getting closer or my ears are getting water logged. I tell you, I'm not voting for the later: but I'm pretty sure it's true. "Wh-what?" I sputter trying to hear Vicki from beside me in the Kayak over the shouts and racket of the crowd. "I said you've got a little under300 yards left, fly home."

Tiredly I glare, then laugh a little and smile. I stick my head back in the water and bring both arms up over my head, but just before I do, I catch my reflection in one of the boats revving beside me. I don't take notice of the white skin, the deep wrinkles, the droopy eyelids or the dark circles draping my eyes. No, I see the beginnings of a smile and the red and black bathing cap, the one that reads "Penguins Can Fly".

Alright Penguins, I've got to get to shore for the Penguins, they're counting on me, my church too. The Myers are here, the Laframboise are here. Pastor Jan is here and Will and Connie. Blaire came down from Toronto yesterday just to see me finish; even Grandpa Lambert is out there somewhere proudly waiting to see me. Both Daddy and Vicki are yelling at me, I can always here daddy over everybody. "Hurry up you slowpoke," he's smiling, I can hear it. Mama is scolding him, I can always count on her. Oh and there's Naddy joining in the exchange, "You know Jenn if you go any slower, I just might fall asleep."

When I stick my head up to retaliate, it's Vicki's voice that I hear. "Okay, that's enough!!" She laughs as she addresses my family. "Now you" she points at me. "You get your but swimmin!"

With a new excitement for everyone and everything that waits for me on shore, I find every last ounce of inner strength I possess and then some, and I boot it to shore- making sure that Shadoe has to work extra hard to keep up to me in the Kayak, to frustrate him just a little.

I smile to myself as I feel the ground underneath me, a taste of fishy victory. My heart soars as I stand up and all of the Penguins and the youth group looking down on me, their smiles surround me, congratulate me, let me know that I'm finished, that I've conquered what I set out to do.

All because of a few smiles.

Taking a deep breath my eyes stray to the sky, to the biggest smile of all, the smile that warms my heart - and makes it official - that glint of heavenly stars, God's smile.